Kick-Off Meeting STAR-ProBio

We are glad to announce that STAR-ProBio started! The Kick-off Meeting of the project was held the 18-19 May in Berlin, at the Technische Universität Berlin. The event was an important opportunity for all partners of the Consortium, coordinated by Unitelma Sapienza, to know each other personally and discuss about objectives, goals, tasks and deliverables to be produced in […]

Global Food Innovation Summit

Alla vigilia del “THE GLOBAL FOOD INNOVATION SUMMIT” di SEEDS AND CHIPS, Valentina Elena Tartiu e Piergiuseppe Morone pubblicano un interessante capitolo sul volume Springer Food Waste Reduction and Valorisation. Leggi l’articolo completo al seguente link:

STAR-ProBio. Un progetto di ricerca sulla bio-based economy

Sarà Piergiuseppe Morone (professore ordinario di Politica economica presso Unitelma Sapienza) a coordinare il Progetto europeo STAR-ProBio, vincitore di un finanziamento di oltre 5 milioni di euro nell’ambito del programma europeo Horizon 2020. Leggi l’articolo completo al seguente link:

Welcome to the World Food Waste Network (WFWN)

The Cost EUBIS Action closed in November 2016 bringing an end to an exciting initiative that bought together European-based industrial and academic leaders with the aim of addressing the issue of Food Supply Chain Waste (FSCW) valorisation across the continent. To sustain the network of experts that has been developed over the course of the […]

Intervista a Piergiuseppe Morone sulla Bioeconomia (adnkronos)

Morone (Unitelma): avanti ricerca bio-based product, capofila progetto Ue Passo avanti per la certificazione e la standardizzazione dei bio-based product per la transizione verso una economia basata sempre più sulle biomasse (e sempre meno sul petrolio) a beneficio dell’ambiente e di un’economia sostenibile. Il progetto Star-ProBio, vincitore di un finanziamento da oltre 5 milioni di […]

Patching Environmental Wounds or Thinking About Change?

BLOG A cura di: Almona Tani, Quentin Toffolini, Marieke Feis, Judith Kreuter Environmental degradation is not only an object of academic study, but also a buzz topic that we encounter constantly in our everyday lives. Air pollution puts temporarily stops traffic in European cities. Images of sea gulls and turtles caught up in plastic waste […]