Sustainability Transition Towards a Bio-Based Economy: New Technologies, New Products, New Policies – Piergiuseppe Morone (Ed.)

The Sustainability special issue on “Sustainability Transition Towards a Bio-Based Economy: New Technologies, New Products, New Policies” has now been published as a volume available at this link: The book is open access and can be freely downloaded in pdf format!  

Pre-Call Open: Postdoctoral position (based in Rome)

STAR-ProBio ( is a challenging journey towards sustainability. And reinforcements are always welcomed! Thus, we are hiring a Postdoctoral Researcher to collaborate in the following tasks of the STAR-ProBio project: Assessment of social and socio-economic dimensions of sustainability schemes developed for bio-based products. These will include new economic activities associated with rural areas requalification, job creation, […]

BLOG_Two interesting activities of the RoadToBio project!

Nine identified bio-based opportunities for the Chemical Industry In the BBI-funded project RoadToBio with the main goal to develop a Roadmap to show the path to increase the bio-based share up to 25%  in the chemical industry until 2030, nine business cases that exemplify the possibilities for the chemical industry to produce more bio-based products […]

Concorso Storie di Economia Circolare | Aperte le votazioni online

È il momento di scegliere i vincitori: i 120 lavori presentati al concorso Storie di Economia Circolare aspettano te! Dal 9 luglio al via la fase di votazione online: fino al 20 settembre sarà possibile votare sul sito le vostre storie preferite. Non è possibile votare più di una volta la stessa storia. Le 5 storie più votate di […]

Social Life Cycle Approach as a Tool for Promoting the Market Uptake of Bio-Based Products from a Consumer Perspective – Pasquale M. Falcone and Enrica Imbert

The sustainability of bio-based products, especially when compared with fossil based products, must be assured. The life cycle approach has proven to be a promising way to analyze the social, economic and environmental impacts of bio-based products along the whole value chain. Until now, however, the social aspects have been under-investigated in comparison to environmental […]

Food Waste Reduction and Valorisation – Top 25% most downloaded eBook in the Springer relevant collection

“Food Waste Reduction and Valorisation – Sustainability Assessment and Policy Analysis” is a book edited by Piergiuseppe Morone, Franka Papendiek and Valentina Elena Tartiu. This book adds a new dimension to the sustainability assessment of food waste reduction and valorisation: policy analysis. Featuring a transdisciplinary analysis by key experts in the field, it identifies the […]