International Climate Show, Palexpo Geneva (from 6 to 8 april 2018)

The International Climate Show will be held at Palexpo Geneva from 6 to 8 April 2018 and will be the Marketplace for industrial technologies and solutions for the protection of the climate and the reduction of the carbon emissions.

As part of the Climate show, the International Food Waste Valorization Workshop is the key event and the unmissable 2 days meeting of 2018 for professional in the field of food biomass valorization and food waste management and reduction. This workshop will be the opportunity to meet key international professionals from SMEs, academia, associations and industries working in the technical, scientific, legal and economic aspects of food waste valorization.

The Climate Show encourage universities, start-ups, SMEs and associations to participate and exhibit their innovations, research and products in food waste valorization, reduction, and management and offers them a special participation pack.

This special pack includes:

– The entry to the International Workshop on Food Waste Valorization ( )

– The entry to available training sessions

– A Stand of 9m2 which include one table, chairs, walls

– The introduction of 3-4 of their products or services, prototypes, etc. into the international platform of Selling & Networking of the Climate Show which is viewed by companies, investors, etc. Please note that the website of the Climate Show is visited by thousands of visitors each day.

– The price for this offer is 750 euros/person (minimum participation is two persons from the same institution (Total 1500 euros).

The exhibition dates are 6 to 8 April 2018. Location is Geneva, Switzerland.

This offer is limited in time. To book or for more information, please send an email to

You might also participate and register only for the International Workshop on Food Waste Valorization and selected trainings (cost is 460.- euros).

All information can be found at


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